The Snow Tire Incedent

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If there is one thing I have learned in my relatively few years on this planet, it is that Someone is always watching out for me even if I am not looking for Him. If I may, let me explain; better yet, let me tell you a story.

Our story begins with a young man buying a car. For the purpose of this story, lets call this man Ike. Now, this little vehicle, a little truck to be exact, was being purchased by Ike as a truck to put together his livelihood as a small business owner for his “9 to 5.” He purchased this vehicle from a rather wise and smart alec older gentlemen, whose name I will not here indulge, but for the sake of argument let us call him John. Ike tested and liked what he saw and felt, and offered John the full price of the vehicle as a respect to not only an elder, but a fellow man. John appreciated this, and as such donated along with the price of the truck a set of brand new snow tires, tire chains, and a full kit of tools and repair manual. The transaction ended with a handshake and a smile, and both men went on their merry way.

Fast forward seven months. Ike has gone into the slow time his work, and as such at the time has to be gentle with budgeting. Ike has also gotten together with a group of great men and women and committed himself out loud in proclamation into the universe to do a good work. As is so customary among those of my faith, there is a certain someone who heard this loud and clear and being juxtaposed to the good work Ike desired after, this being set about what has been unaffectionately referred to as “chinese water torture,” referring to the age old torture of slowly, drop by drop, felling water atop the forehead of an individual strapped immovably until the subject slips into insanity. Understanding this, it refers to relatively small “drops” of pesky “tortures” that our dear subject Ike began to undergo. First, it was a slow leak in the front left tire of the truck, then an intermittent check engine light, followed finally by the back left tire going flat completely by puncture of nothing more than a small staple at just the right angle to render the tire useless. Now, here we see this subject of Divine intervention, which i refer to not in reference to some grand flash of light and everything being magically fixed, but by the foreknowledge of a Divine Being watching over the shoulder of our man Ike so far out into the future no one else could have known how to provide. Remember those snow tires I spoke of? By quite a mistake of forgetfulness, Ike only shortly after these “tortures” occurred remembered the kindness of the old man John and realized that his need had already been provided for. He then proceeded to bolt on the snow tires to the rear of the truck and replace the slow leak tire in the front with one of the functional, now replaced, rear tires.

Now, there are in fact two lessons to be learned from this encounter. Firstly, and perhaps most applicable to all, even those who do not share my faith in the Great I Am, is that when you treat others in such a way that values them like true royalty values the lives and fates of others, you are inexplicably rewarded, no matter how far down the road that may occur. The second, and I am speaking to fellow believers here, is that God always provides for His children, even when they themselves may not know it. The foresight of the Father poured love in the form of taking care of a need  before it was even known. He provided a solution, even if temporary, for Ike’s tire issue before he himself even knew it was a need. It is in this regard that our Father in heaven provides in such a way that shows us not only His knowledge and protection of our futures, but His undying love for us even when we ourselves may not necessarily be seeking Him as we should.


The Art and Savagery of Wanting Pt.II

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I wish I could better put into words what it feels like. To want, and be just barely out of reach. To desire something so badly, your body begins to feel a physical manifestation. A tugging, a contracting inside your chest that is unequivocable to almost anything excepta heart palpitation. The dichotomy of desire and resistance, excellence and mediocrity. The feeling inside you so strong it brings you to tears to even give it two seconds of mental think space. That when the object of your wanting and drive comes by, you are instantly dissolved in a pool of emotional reaction. Few people ever feel this about someone or something, it is called true passion. When your Creator endows you with a purpose so powerful you are moved each time you think on it. When you feel it you are given two choices; crumble and live in denial of your calling, or choose to fight and pursue the passion with all the desire in your heart. Let it make you or break you. You decide. Winner or loser? Champion or defeatist?

Crossing Stage: A Poetic Lyricism of Future Success

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Note: To be read in rhythm.


Click, clack,

Shoes across the stage,

The lights go up,

The anthem plays,

Good God in heaven,

Is this the real thing,

Is this what it feels like to cross that stage?

A thousand people cheerin,

Not a single one seated,

No one said I could do it,

Man, it’s hard for me to believe it,

And yet here I stand,

Victorious in His name,

Powered through all the struggles,

Weakness, screw-ups and the pains,

People don’t yet know my story,

How I broke loose of my chains,

But mark my words,

Listen closely,

You ain’t heard the last my name,

As I open my eyes slowly,

See the empty room in front,

I feel a tear roll down my face,

Make a commitment,

Get it done,

Never let myself go slower,

Never let myself slow down,

See here’s my promise,

My conviction,

You won’t see me backin down,

And I was walk across that stage,

Click clack my shoes do sound,

I utter to myself alone,

I’ll be back,

I’ll see you round.

Fall in Love All Over Again

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Once in a time not too far past, there was a man and  woman who fell in love. They were of the most perfect and imperfect together, and eventually settled down and got married. They were normal like other couples, they fought, they bickered, he slept on the couch sometimes, but they never gave up. They stayed together through it all even when it made no sense. They had some kids, they grew up and the couple grew older together into their golden years. All was well until the family recieved some news that would rock their world. Upon a routine vsit to the doctor, the wife discovered she was in the early stages of Alzheimers. Soon, day by day, piece by piece, she would lose all memory of the people she held most dear and she couldn’t control one bit of it. As the wife’s condition wore deeper and deeper as it chiseled away her memories, the family withdrew and withdrew as it got harder and harder to care for the woman. Finally one morning, while the husband was making his wife breakfast, his bride walked into the kitchen bewildered and with tears in her eyes. As the husband looked her in the eyes and asked what was wrong, she stated that she could not remember who he was. The husband’s heart broke; his bride of 65 years could no longer remember who he was. As he closed his eyes and searched for an answer, he decided to love her in the only way he knew he could. “I stayed to watch and make sure you were ok after the Victory Day party last night, you were quite sick and I made sure you got home safe.” The woman stood silently searching her memory, and smiled as she began a conversation about her memories from that long past event and sat down to breakfast her husband had prepared.

This story repeated every day for 9 months until the woman passed away, and every morning her husband instead of leaving because it was too hard, or being short tempered because she couldn’t remember, used the oppurtunity to charm and court his wife to fall in love with him all over again every day. This is what true love is. Not a feeling, not an attitude, not even just a rule; true love is a commitment, to love the person you choose every day for better or worse, and doing everything you can to make the worse, better.

Gold Crowns, Kings and Queens

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Today I wish to show you more of who I am. If you know me personally this may come as a surprise, but for any who read this I hope you are blessed by my honesty. I let you see today both a very personal struggle and a grand sense of hope. His grace and love through my personal insecurity and faultedness.
Growing up I was generally the funny one in class who always made people laugh and always found confidence in being well liked. That was until through a harsh thing called growing up changed that slowly but surely, until I found myself around middle school a very overweight and not very well liked kid, the one that never said the right punchline, never wore the cool clothes since all mine were from the thrift store, and the only time any girls really talked to me were either because they felt bad for me or they had been friends for long enough to not mind. I dont know if any of you were like me in junior high, but that was a very impressionable time for me. Things people said or didnt say hurt, worse than any kind of physical pain that could be inflicted. I always did a decent job of hiding it simply because I didnt know how my parents would react if they learned of my thoughts. I was always afraid they would send me to some kind of asylum. Perhaps rightly so, the thoughts that eventually crept into my mind were those of taking it all away. It may come as a shock to those who know me, but at one point in my early teen life I considered taking my own life. It seems so trivial and irrelevant now, but at the time I simply believed I would be unloved for the remainder of my life and so what was the point anyway? It was in this place of desperation that I experienced something I had only heard about. To those who read and do not believe, hear me out. One night in a rainy Seattle fall october, shortly into the beginning of my freshman year of high school, I believe with all my heart I experienced a God who in that moment revealed Himself to me as complete love. An affection that I could physically feel in my bones and in my core, a love that shook me so to my core that I have never been the same since. Whether or not you personally believe in the God I now know, the lesson I learned that night rings true for all humanity no matter what. You are valuable. You are absolutely priceless. When the kids in the hall snicker at you because of your waist size, when the boy you like laughs at you because you dress differently than his favourite maxim girl does, when the parents who are imperfect and sometimes hurt you do hurt you, the one thing that will ALWAYS ring truer than anything you will hear or read or see is the FACT that you are beautiful. Priceless. Manly. Gorgeous. A king. A queen. One in a million. A class act that will never be replayed the way you can play it. You are the champion of your story, the beautiful maiden princes all over the world will compete for because of your beauty. We all have different flavors, different looks, different views, and different styles, but the one thing that remains true through all the flavors and differences we have is that you are worth more than gold. Worth more than anything on this planet. Worth more than anything any human brain can imagine. You are special, wonderful and incredible, no matter what. So put on your crowns, kings and queens of this world, wear your true colors proudly and represent who you were made to be knowing in your heart that you are worth more than gold. Let every ounce of your being shine into the world, inside and out, unapologetically. Noone can steal your worth without your persmission, noone can take it from you unless you allow them to. Be bold, take up your crown, and be the king or queen you were meant o be and always remember, You are worth it and you are enough!

Sinner Saved By Grace

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Sinner saved by grace. I have no clue why, but somehow that statement can be hard to swallow sometimes. Sometimes in moments when you are angry, or hurt, or in pain, and you just want to roll over and die from how awful you feel, you must remember simply that you are a sinner saved by grace and no matter how terrible of a person you may feel, God created you for greatness no matter what happens in your life. Personally a difficult issue for me is being angry when someone does something stupid and see nothing wrong with it, then don’t listen to you when yu have their best interest in mind. Consequently, I in my male egoism become enraged with the thought that someone I am CLEARLY smarter and a better person than is doing something I know is stupid and they won’t listen to me, and that makes them stupid. So I will sit and stew in that anger until it sometimes boils over into rage and I will lash out at the person in question. Oddly enough, it feels good. Something about “righteous” anger in a man feels intoxicating, like you are the only right one and noone else is. Then as if hit in the head by an anvil, God takes his baseball bat(I believe He needs one for all guys since we are so thickheaded) and He thwacks me on my head and after the disorientation wears off He simply stands there with His hands on His hips asking “Really? I give you all that fighting spirit and all that power in your heart and THIS is what you waste it on? Really?” Then it hits me again, I am no better or worse than any man or woman on this planet, I am merely a sinner saved by grace trying to make my way through this beautiful disaster we call life. So whenever you find yourself with welling “righteous” anger, stop and take a moment to consider Jesus’ words, “If any among you is free of unrighteousness, let him throw the first stone.”

Love Me Like Jesus

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Behind every great man there is a woman. So often this is such a difficult thing for our big male egos to swallow, but after much delusional grandeur and much huffpuff and bindersnapping, I have come to realize that this is the way God designed it and it works nearly flawlessly when done correctly. A mans wife serves as his companion, as his best friend, someone to stand by him and support him in everything he does, to council with him and help remind him of Who is really “the man,” all the while still making her husband feel ten feet tall and bulletproof so he can take on the world. This realization lead to both a staggering and beautiful conclusion; she loves me like Jesus. Jesus loves us and holds us and councils with us and supports us, is our best friend and our number one fan, and all He asks for in return is love and  commitment. Two of the most difficult, yet most rewarding things a man can give. So men, when your girlfriends or wives catch you as you fall, hold you and dust you off, then send you right back into the fight all the while cheering you forward making you feel like a hero, remember, she is loving you like Jesus. Jesus’ love is completely selfless, completely free, and completely perfect in every way. He will never leave us, nor forsake us, never hang us out to dry and never fail us. He will always hold us in His loving arms, pick us up and dust us off when we fall, then kick our butts right back into the fight where we as men belong. We are called as men to fight the good fight, keep free those who are free, release from bondage those who are captive, and to love both each other and our families fiercely and with passion that cannot be corrupted or condemned. So remember as you take up arms in this world each day, if you have a sweetheart who stands by your side, remember that she loves you like Jesus and all the while He will be holding you both strong.